Rhythm Tapper

The one button project

Rhythm Tapper is a small, unique project centered around this idea of making a video game that only uses one button. As the title implies, the project is a musical rhythm video game, forcing users to tap to the beat of a song. The twist with the project is that each level features an experience related to a specific disability. This design approach is to help bring awareness to a wider audience about how suffering from a disability can affect the way in which a video game is played. The visual design purposely reflects this idea, with contrasting colours and audio cues, to help with navigation through the experience.


The project was created with Game Maker 2 and will be released Q1 2021.

Fear Is In The Mind

The mind plays tricks on you

An interactive 3D digital environment, designed around the idea that fear lives within your brain. The experience is intended as a dark and almost confusing, narrative journey, with secret areas to discover as you navigate through the darkness of your brain. The motto with the project is that 'fear is in the mind', resulting in a level layout that is linear with a strong emphasis on using very narrow and intimate spaces; whilst featuring some prospect locations, hidden within the experience. Rewarding users who think outside the box, so to speak, and do not follow the rules, was a secondary objective with the project. The design decision behind these objectives was to allow for events to happen within the journey that plays to the idea of fear being in the mind, but provide moments of opportunity to bypass certain sections of the experience, creating a brand new way to experience the environment. The final result is an unique journey through the mind, as you navigate past the difficulty's that are directed towards yourself as the player.


The level was created in Maya, with the final interactivity within the environment created in Unity. The digital environment has been uploaded to itch.io and can be found here: https://lucas-graf.itch.io/fear-is-in-the-mind.

Whatever you decide, just remember, fear, is in the mind.   

Party Hard

A view of a musicians studio

A 3D diorama of a musicians room, through her viewpoint after a heavy night of partying. The bedroom is dark and hazy, the drinks having settled in. It's cold, but cozy, with the 50's inspired pop art design.  

The diorama reflects my musical background, and this was the first render I created. The props used within the scene reflect the story and narrative I wanted people to discover. The central focus point is the table, establishing the pop art design choice, which is reflected onto the wall. The lips being inspired by Rolling Stone album covers, with the poster being made out to be a psychedelic live performance, as is common in the music scene. The keyboard, music paper and coffee cup, help to reinforce the idea of a musician hard at work, inspired by the various pop art elements within the bedroom.


The entire diorama was created in Maya, with the final render being presented on Sketchfab, which can be found here: https://skfb.ly/6SRBO